With 30 years of leadership in multiple areas of non-profit and for profit business, I seek to work with companies that can benefit from that experience and utilize my strengths for a more profitable bottom line, better customer engagement and employee development.


Epic USA, Ventura, Ca — Executive Director

December 2004 – December 2018

Created a worldwide organization with satellites in numerous states and 4 different countries. Lead multiple teams over 14 years to have a local and worldwide presence in different types of culturally relevant media. Created new businesses from the ground up in Music, Video Games and Extreme Sports. Skateparks, video gaming centers, coffee shops and music venues. Multiple brands, several commercial locations and substantial online content. Produced and distributed 2 books, 3 editions in 2 languages. Created 2 online shows and a web series.

Circleslide, Inc, Portland, Or — Owner

October 1989 – December 2004

Created 3 live music venues, 18 100+ band music festivals in 4 different states. I was in 4 signed, touring bands, created 2 Indie Music labels, 2 radio shows, recorded 8 records on 4 different labels and toured across the US. I have created concerts, festivals and events up and down the west coast and other parts of the US. Band and tour management, merchandising and A&R.

Christopher and Associates, Hillsboro, Or — Manager

September 1989 – June 1994 

Warehouse and route Manager. Organization and storage, employee management, sales, buying from the public, order fulfillment, inventory, product creation, full load freight shipping, vehicle fleet management, banking.

Live Music venues:

The Connection – Portland, OR
The Push – Portland, OR
Spin Cycle – Portland, OR
The Loft – Ventura, CA
Alpine – Ventura, CA
Epic – Ventura, CA


Tom Festival – Stevenson/Camas, Wa

Christian underground music festival. 4 Days, 4 stages 100+ bands
14 years in Washington and also various years in Texas, Colorado and California

Merge – Ventura, CA

Music and arts festival with BMX, skate, music, fashion, show cars


Gecko Monks – 1 release (Free Rain Records)
Sometime Sunday – 3 releases (Fearless Donkey, Tooth and Nail records)
Twin Sister – 1 release (Push Records)
Tragedy Ann – 3 releases (Organic Records)

Record Labels:

5 Minute Walk – A&R, Venue
Pamplin/Organic – A&R, Production
Northern – Various
Push Records – Various

Radio shows:

KLCC Portland, OR
KPAM Portland, OR


Pins and Needles – Ventura, CA
Charity fashion runway show

Epic’s Toy Shop – Ventura, CA
Dignified charity toy giveaway for single mothers

Verizon Fios – Long Beach, CA
Circus tent marketing event


Synapse Café – Ventura, CA
2 locations, 30 seat Steampunk themed coffee and pastry shop.

Alpine – Skate Park – Ventura, CA
Indoor skateboard and BMX park with retail clothing, accessories, repairs and equipment.

Alpine – Event Space – Ventura, CA
Lounge, Hair Salon, Laundromat, Arcade and Event space.

The Armory – Video Gaming Center – Ventura, CA
2 locations, A themed, 35 seat PC gaming center with additional Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and Retro consoles.


Gamechurch – Ventura, CA

Video game missions organization
Booth presence at over 100 comic book and gaming conventions in Germany, Canada, Spain, the UK and US
4 satellite organizations established outside the US
GameChurch City Facebook community and satellite communities
The Arcade podcast
Convention video interview show
Produced and distributed over 100,000 pocket Bibles worldwide
Produced German translation and mobile app
Produced and published parent and Church video game guides and materials


The Academy

Annual 2 day intensive training conference in California and New Jersey

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