Episode 12: San Diego Tiki night with Joshua Hagquist of The Beautiful Mistake and Joshua Kemble of Dogwood

Field trip!* Josh is late. Josh gets the wrong drink. Josh and Josh talk about their influences, early 90’s band life and how their San Diego music culture came to be. Josh wants to start Zacchaeus in the tree fest. Josh wanted to be in snowboard videos. Josh has a new record out. Someone peed on someone. I’m wrestling tiki audio. I’m failing. It’s confusing.

The voices you’re hearing are:

Joshua Hagquist – Vocals, Guitar, Bass – The Beautiful Mistake, Belva’s Diesel, Silage, Ember, Dogwood, Project 86, Stranger Kings, Lassie Foundation

Joshua Kemble – Vocals, DJ, Instrument sounds – Dogwood

*Recorded earlier this year before the covid-19 pandemic

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