Episode 10: Part 3 – Exploring the beginnings of our own alternative subculture in 90’s Portland

We continue the conversation about the start of our underground music and alternative subculture…..

The voices you are hearing are….

Marc Gilson – Drums – Gecko Monks, Either/Or

Ron Thomas – Vocals, Bass – Gecko Monks, Oedipus Complex, Empty Tomb, Waterhouse/Yonder Hill (The Clergy)

Bob Sable aka Jean Pierre – Drums – Permanent Houseguest, Yum Yum Children, Sometime Sunday, Tragedy Ann

Benjy Rickard – Bass – Less Than Civilized, Gifty, Piqqadown, Sappo, Stereo Crush, Boy Eats Drum Machine

Bradley Swanson – Bass, Guitar, Vocals – Quill, Pep Squad, Motormouth, The Company

Bryan Everett – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards – Evil Twin Brother, Inchwater, Pep Squad, The Denominators, Motormouth, The Company

Erin Brockway Collins – Vocals – Elisha’s Bones, Naive, Gifty, The Company, The Dickens

Todd Fadel – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Lyre, Lute and anything else he puts his hands on. Sappo, Twin Sister, Agents of Future, Thorn, The Julie Moons, The Garbage Chute Flyboys, The Soul Conspiracy, The Beauty and Todd’s music venues, Otisberg, The MEOW MEOW, MEOW MEOW PRESENTS and Todd is currently doing music nights at Boise-Eliot /Humboldt Elementary School in Portland

Roy Fisher aka Wrigley – Sound Engineer – Guitar – Bass – Permanent Houseguest. Roy ran sound for hundreds of Secular and Christian bands, events, venues, tours and festivals. From Bad Religion to POD, he was the front of house sound engineer for a list of bands too long for me to name. He went worldwide with Shine Down, the Dandy Warhols, Chevelle and Van Halen, did numerous TV appearances, massive music festivals, and he has been a part of almost every single band, club, event and festival I have done.

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